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Category Hardware
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Created 2015-06-21
Owner solarmount
Title Most modern adjustable solar mounting bracket come in a variety of voltages

Converting Light Into Electricity

Modern solar panels are able to produce a considerable amount of power from simple sunlight. They do this through the use of photovoltaic Solar ground mounting that are mounted to the solar panel frame and are able to convert direct sunlight into an electrical current. A standard solar panel contains a collection of these solar cells that are connected together to provide a large amount of power. Even though individually these solar cells can only produce a small amount of current, when they are joined together with other cells their output can be quite substantial. All of these solar cells are housed inside the solar module, which provides a strong and stable platform for mounting the fragile cells and helps to protect them from the elements.

Voltages Vary

Most modern adjustable solar mounting bracket come in a variety of voltages that then can produce. Typically the higher the voltage, the more efficient the overall system will be. The reason for this is that there is always a percentage of losses inherent in any solar power system and the higher the voltage you generate, the less of an impact these losses will have on your overall output. The higher voltage generating solar panels are more expensive, but are still a better purchase than some of the others that generate a smaller overall output. The key thing to remember is that all of the panels used in your system have to be matched to each other as well as the inverter for a specific voltage.

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