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Category Hardware
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Created 2015-06-21
Owner solarmount
Title Because of the improved pv mounting panel

Newer Is Better

Because of the improved pv mounting panel design used in these modern solar panels for homes, they are all able to produce a greater amount of power than older panels for the same amount sunlight. This is a big advantage for homeowners since it allows you to install less of these newer panels to generate all the power they need. One other advantage that these newer panels provide is their ability to generate a good bit of power from less than perfect sunlight. Older panels had a hard time generating power from the dimmer sunlight found at sunrise, sunset and on cloudy days. Also, if older solar panels were not perfectly aligned with the travel of the sun, their output would suffer as well. This means that your panels would be inactive for most of a typical day when the sun was not at its brightest. Also, if your home did not have the required roof space with the proper orientation, you could not have taken advantage of these older panels.

Angle of Incidence Doesn't Matter As Much Anymore

The newer solar panels for homes have solved these issues and can take advantage of the weaker sunlight and still produce a large portion of their overall expected power from this dimmer light. They are also more forgiving with sunlight that hits them at a more severe angle. This allows many homes that do not have the perfect pole Mounting structure alignment to take advantage of these newer solar panels and generate all the power their home requires.

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