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Created 2015-08-11
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Title Leodis McKelvin Jerse
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SYDNEY, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Caravan magnate Gerry Ryan has been appointed as the president of Cycling Australia (CA), the board of CA


Australian Sports Commission Chair John Wylie welcomed the appointment.


"It is fitting and most welcome that a person so well respected by corporate Australia takes on the presidency of CA at this critical time of major reform for the sport," Wylie said.


Klaus Mueller stepped down as CA president in August after three-and-a-half years at the helm.


Ryan, who is the owner of Australian professional road race cycling team Orica-Green EDGE, said it was a privilege to take on the presidency.


"I look forward to helping CA move forward in a more commercially viable manner Leodis McKelvin Jersey ," Ryan said in a statement.


"There is certainly restructuring required to tighten processes and reduce the inefficient duplication of resources."


Ryan will be joined by experienced former AFL administrator Adrian Anderson in the role of interim chief executive officer until February, when a permanent CEO will be recruited.



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