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Category Hardware
Created 2013-10-14
Owner yaui2023
Title see SB1.17
Description 165 80 826 330 80 825 1072 61.13 It is acceptable to mark "RHH or RHW" on a singleconductor wire or cable that complies with all of the requirements for singleconductor Type RHH wire and with all of the requirements for singleconductor Type RHW wire. It is acceptable to mark "RHHD or RHWD" on a 2conductor flat parallel jacketed or fibrouscovered cable that complies with all of the requirements for Type RHHD and with all of the requirements for Type RHWD. 2556 or NMXJ178ANCE and NMXJ186ANCE. Jacket thickness requirements are shown in Tables 21 ?23.. The requirements in this Standard are now in effect except for those paragraphs sections tables figures and/or other elements of the Standard having future effective dates as indicated in the note following the affected item. The prior text for requirements that have been revised and that have a future effective date are located after the Standard and are preceded by a "SUPERSEDED REQUIREMENTS notice. 22.3,UL 1439 Download.1 Except as indicated in 22.3.2 conductors of motor circuits having two or more motors one or more of which are thermal or overcurrent protected and wired for connection to one supply line shall withstand the conditions of a shortcircuit test without creating a risk of fire of electric shock. See Short Circuit Test Section 50.. SB1,UL 1439 Standard.13 When lengths of conduit are required to be connected to the equipment for the explosion tests (see SB1.17) the conduit is to be used for inlet or outlet connection to the line carrying the explosive mixture. A spark plug is to be located in the conduit length a maximum of 4 inches (10.2 cm) from the outer end.. 22 Fuseholders . .37,UL 1973. 128.1 A plug and receptacle for Class I locations that does not have an interlocked switch or circuit breaker but is designed so that a snap action is automatically obtained in making and disconnecting the circuit between the plug and the receptacle contacts shall be subjected to this test. The device shall be operated under overload conditions based on the electrical ratings of the device in the presence of the specific gas or vaporair atmosphere. Recent Artcle£º
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Price $ 50,000.00
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