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Category Hardware
Created 2013-10-21
Owner pinufherhti
Title Uggs Laarzen in fact
Description Students Pingtan tour two days changed one day activist retreat only 12.5 yuan 3 hours Southeast Network - Strait Metropolis Daily News October 4 (Reporter Wang Feng) yesterday morning, seeing the two-day tour turned into a day of Pingtan, more than 30 students in the coach open to Fuzhou city of Vientiane, a stay in the car activist, refused to get off. In working hard and making a three hours later, received only 12.5 yuan per person a refund. While claiming to be the person in charge of the campus agency is freak said, "FIT is in trouble." 14:00 yesterday, several students call our hotline 968 111 said they were cheated to travel, there are now more than 30 people are staying parked in Fuzhou city of Vientiane an activist on the bus. Reporters rushed to the scene, where a student said, before the National Day, she and several students in the school campus travel agency signed up Pingtan two-day trip, the 2nd start, in fact, a total of University City, including Charms, Normal, Jiangxia College and other seven universities reported a total of 51 student groups. "Originally committed two days 6 attractions can actually play the 2nd Nanzhai Hill,Ugg Tilbud, South Bay two attractions altar, on the 3rd morning 9:00 Let us back to Fuzhou." The student said, 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the bus they pulled Vientiane City, ready to let them get off, but travel agents and campus agency did not give a refund. We then travel alarm and call the 24-hour complaint hotline Fuzhou. Face interviews, on-site "proxy tour," said he was called in to help is only temporary, and by the way go to Pingtan play, and alleged that he also a student. Reporters noted that many students in the hands of tourism agreement without any seal. Since many students involved, including Fuzhou International Travel Agencies, Fujian Overseas Tourism Industry Corporation and so on. Yesterday 15:50, campus distributor appeared Vientiane City, the man arrived, on the "proxy tour," said "such things are not handled properly." Then told reporters before due to typhoon "Rummenigge" approaching Hainan, Fujian coast is also affected by the typhoon, Pingtan did not open a lot of scenic spots, the city has no choice but to return in advance. However, this explanation does not make the students stay satisfied,Woolrich Outlet, "since the typhoon affected, in relation to postpone or refund, not like us barely starting." 4 pm,Ugg Udsalg, staying more than 30 students each received 12.5 yuan refunds, and their entry fee is 158 to 210 per month. Campus agency also said, "Today you have two scenic retreat cost, and then winded penny subside, FIT is in trouble." Has 9,702,507 and college students participate in discussions related to microblogging
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