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Category Hardware
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Created 2014-11-04
Owner lingxiaoke2
Title I was missing were accessories

This was the queue at 8PM last night. The text didn’t lie either - I was in within a short ten minute wait. I am a Patron, so if you’re a F2P player you might see slightly longer queues right now, but largely it’s for the better. Also responsible for this is the current lock on creating characters on the older servers, to help promote the new ones.So I finally hit level 50 - the current max level in the game; the Korean version currently supports level 55 with some new class abilities. Of course, my progression hasn’t halted. I can swap out skillsets, but they will need to be leveled from level one. This can be done with anything that earns you experience e.g. quests, crafting and combat (includes PVP). For now though, I’ll stick to what I have.Being an ArcheAge largely focused on open world shenanigans, your goals at the end-game don’t have to follow the norm; PVE content is actually less prevalent than that of interacting with other players and PVP. Here’s a few things you could get up to.You could hone your skills as a crafter in one of the many vocations and advertise your wares to other adventurers. Nearly everything in ArcheAge is produced from other players, so there’s always a demand for everything.You could become a travelling merchant dealing with trade packs. Build up your wealth enough and you can upgrade from your donkey to a farm wagon, capable of  archeagemall  carrying multiple trade packs at once. Even further down the line you can purchase and build the merchant ship, which has a special hold capable of carrying twenty trade packs at once.You could become a mercenary, offering your services all over the land, and sea. It might be hunting down enemy faction incursions, or protecting those aforementioned merchant ships from predators on the waves. Band together with friends and offer your arms to players in need of help with bigger challenges such as world bosses or dungeons.If you’re the more less-than-savoury type, you could become a notorious pirate. Repeatedly commit crimes against your faction until you’re forced to cut ties altogether. You’ll be relegated to the infamous ‘Pirate Island’, where you and other of your folk live while not out on the sea. You’ll make your living plundering merchant ships for their cargo and maybe be hired by guilds who need backup for less honourable tasks.These are just a few of many roles within ArcheAge, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing them all. Notice though, that all of these require day to day interactions with other players, and not scripted NPC characters. Every day can be different than the last.For me, my priority was getting ahold of some decent gear. While you level up by doing quests in ArcheAge, you’ll occasionally run into quests that offer armour sets and various weapons. I did some research to find out where the quests were that offered the strongest available and set off to complete them. All I was missing were accessories, which I bought off the market.This however isn’t where it ends. Direct upgrades come from three different places: a hardmode dungeon called the Greater Howling Abyss, Hasla weapons, and crafting. The dungeon is tough for those who don’t have the bare minimum of the best quest gear; my first clear took around two hours. It was also far more fleshed out than any previous dungeon I had completed before. The monsters all had unique mechanics too. Eggs littered the dungeon which would hatch on proximity, you had to burn them with fire to kill the fast.

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